New House Furniture Checklist

Moving to a new house can be fun but scary as you don’t know that you are missing something until it is to late! For example you have all your friends and family over and you are all enjoying a beautiful 3 course Mediterranean fish meal and then you realise you don’t have a cork to pop up that champagne bottle, we have a problem!
We have got into the hassle on creating the ultimate checklist for you to chalk off and get your house feeling like a home. We have everything included, from the living room to the bathroom to your bathrooms. Be sure to share this article with your friends and family if they are looking to move out as well, as it will save them the time and hassle of searching themselves.


As you enter the house it is important to have a welcome mat at the front door, so guests can wipe their shoes and not leave dirt on your new carpets. Wall hooks are important as guests need somewhere to hang their belongings.

A small table with a lamp is optional but comes to great use, as during those dark winters to sun goes down early and if you have guests coming over you can easily flick the switch on so they can see where they are walking.


Food! Yes you need food in your kitchen so be sure to have your weekly shops. Storing that food is important so cupboards and cutlery is needed to serve guests and yourself. Be sure to have silverware and pots and pans for cooking. A trash can is important to throw away any garbage.

Living Room

Couch and sofas are very important as you want to have big sofas that have the ability to seat over 8 people as most likely that is the most guests that would be come. be sure to have a couple of beanie bags if guests do go above 8.

A coffee table, TV is a must, as you need entertainment when you want to relax. Curtains should be fitted to keep eyes out of the house. Optional things to buy are DVD player, watch, photos and other ornaments.

Dining Area

Tables and chairs is great to have as you want to have a place to relax and eat. Along with napkins and candles, so be sure to make a trip to your local Ikea.


So you are in your bathroom, wake up and realise you don’t have a brush or a mirror. So be sure to have them in first. along with shower curtains, toiletries, baths mat and tissues.


the number one thing a bedroom needs is a bed! So be sure to get the complete setup for your bed including pillows and duvets. a dressers, hangers, trash can and a desk is always great to have bedroom.


We have touched on some of the things that you need when you are moving into a new house. But some small bits and bobs to add to the list is: cleaning suppliers, vacuum cleaner, wires and cords, pens, plants, wifi setup, first aid kit, fire alarm, house bell and that’s all.


5 Tips On Choosing The Right Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa is a demanding task, visiting all those sofa stores, sitting on all those sofas can be a tiring task, but it has to be done and you will be sitting on the sofa 30% of your lifetime. I want to give you some tips on what I do when helping homeowners find the perfect sofa for them, you don’t need an expensive sofa, even the cheap and cheerful sofas are just as good, if not better.

How to find your sofa


Size is a big factor when choosing a sofa, if you have a small room then ideally a fabric sofa works best as they are comfy and take up less space. They can easily be stored in one place and fit into the room and it’s surroundings without any effort. However if you have large rooms then couch sofas are great, even though they only sit 2 people they are large and comfy.

If you are looking for luxury then the corner large leather sofas are great as they look great with storage boxes in your house. You can put them in a L shape and they will hug into the corner of your room without any effort. The most common colour for leather sofas in cream, but you need to consider if you have little kids then cream is a colour that will leave marks, black would be recommended.

Determine the seats

Yes you see that beautiful 2 seater leather sofa with massaging back rest and swinging foot stools and it looks like you have found your sofa…. But what will you do when you have 4 guests come over, where will they be sitting? It is important to consider all of these points. If you have guests coming regularly then I recommend large 6 seater sofas that don’t take up much room or you can go the traditional way and purchase a 4 seater and a 2 seater separate but this would take up much more space.

Research materials

There are a huge range of sofa types, from suede sofa, to leather sofa, outdoor waterproof and fabric sofa. When purchasing your sofa you need to take all of these points into consideration. For example a couple of years ago I purchased a beautiful, elegant suede sofa, it looked beautiful next to the fire place. However one day my friends kids game and dropped some coke right in the middle of the sofa and it stained the sofa! For almost a week I tried to find remedies to remove the stains but nothing was working, I only made it go fainter then it was. At the end of the day I gave up and ended up covering the stains with pillows.

Therefore it is important to research the fabric that is best for you! Ensure you speak with the sofa advisor and let them know what sort of uses you will have for the sofa, so they can help you find the best sofa for you!


You may have heard of the saying, price shouldn’t be an issue if you like the sofa, but you are wrong with sofas it is important to look at price. Many sofa companies purchase sofas from similar wholesale company factory’s out of the country, it’s how they brand and private label that considers the price.

You may go to an up-market sofa store, not saying any knows but we all know one that comes on the adverts every time! And you may see a leather sofa for £4000, instantly you think this is a quality sofa as this brand is well known. You go to your small independent sofa company and they sell the same one for £800, instantly you think it must be lower quality. Well you are wrong, sofa companies private label sofas they bring into the UK and charge whatever price they want, it is clever marketing they do making it sound like you are paying for a premium sofa when at the end of the day both sofas are the same!

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